How to add a creation

1. Login to your account

2. Click on the ‘Add’ button on the header

3. Choose ‘Add > Creation’ option

4. Click on ‘Upload your image button’

5. After viewing your photo thumbnail click on ‘Upload photo’ button.

6. To comlete step 1, click ‘Create a gallery and continue’

7. Step 2:

  • Give a title to your creation

  • Add tags that describe your creation as: subject, name of tutorial, materials etc. (for example: animal, nature, space, plasticine, pencil, painting, lego…). Write a tag and press ‘enter’ or ‘, ‘ to enter more (Optional).

  • Choose category of material (Optional)

  • Choose privacy mode to define who can see your art (Optional), public is a default

  • Click ‘Finish’ button


You have uploaded your creation to your studio successfully!