Our Story

My First Studio is a child development online platform.

We use creative processes to empower kids. We do that by developing fine motor, cognitive and emotional skills in a safe environment.
We care about kids happiness and wellness, growing in a new world of technology. Our vision is to help kids find the balance between the virtual and real world, keeping on a proper and happy development.
Founded in 2017 by parents who devote their lives to make magical learning experiences to help kids build confidence, creativity, and memories that will last their lifetimes.


We believe in the power of imagination and art.
My First Studio encourages learning through experience while developing original thinking and imagination.


By using the platform, kids get active, as they create, share, and follow young artists. The studio allows transitions between the virtual and the real world, between passive and active.


Behind the name My First Studio there is a wish, that the first attempts of children with creation, will occur in a protected space which invites to play and explore – a secure base for development and empowerment.